Since 1979

Our company is entering our third decade of providing the latest state of the art die casting equipment to industries all over the world. We have accomplished this goal by maintaining a large market share in this competitive field against competition renowned for quality and service.

Our goal is to provide our customers with reliable, efficient and well designed machines to produce some of the most challenging castings for the increased demands of a global economy.

Producer company has invested significant capital in our facilities and equipment to enable us to control our production to exacting standards. We maintain our own in-house research and development department and keep a large inventory of spare parts to serve our customers domestically as well as worldwide.

With our network of factory trained agents in all major countries around the world, we strive to raise our standards even higher. We pledge to you that we will always keep improving our machines and carrying on the tradition we began at our inception.

Hot Chamber High Pressure Diecasting

This process is almost universally selected for high- pressure die-casting components in zinc alloys. Metal is melted in a crucible with a hollow protrusion on one side, (generally called a gooseneck), located into the entrance to the die. A force pump mechanism, which has one end submerged in the molten metal, injects the molten metal into the die.

A runner system allows the metal to enter the component cavity or cavities through one or more ingates. Overflow runners may be provided to improve integrity and surface finish as appropriate.

Animation of Hot Chamber Die Casting Machine Video Animation of Hot Chamber Die Casting Machine Process

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